How To Combine Google AdWords Management With Sponsored Link?

Sponsored LinX is a Google AdWords management tool that provides marketers with the ability to manage their keywords, adverts and landing pages to improve results and profitability. It is an award winning product which enables marketers to create high converting ads and landing pages by pre-optimising them with AdWords keywords and phrases. It also allows you to view your own statistics for click through rates, cost per click, average position time and cost per impression. It offers advertisers full control over how their advertisements are displayed online. You can also create custom landing pages in the Sponsored LinX Shopping Engine, where customers can find what they are looking for. Through the Google search engine, users can also find information on sponsored listings, which give you more control over when you run your advertisements. Resources –

How To Combine Google AdWords Management With Sponsored Link?


Through Sponsored LinX, you will gain access to highly professional bidding strategies and step-by-step guides to creating high converting AdWords campaigns. It also has the ability to remotely manage your adverts, to ensure they are running optimally, and gives you total access to your campaign statistics. Unlike other management tools, Sponsored LinX allows you to keep track of your online traffic and conversions. Through tracking methods such as the conversion tracking, you can see which keywords are paying off, which keywords are not paying off, and that landing pages are bringing you the most traffic and conversion.

If you are looking to increase your online traffic and business, the use of Sponsored LinX can help you achieve this. Not only does it help you with controlling your adverts, it helps you manage your keywords, landing pages and how you advertise. The product is affordable, simple to use and comes with a money back guarantee, if you are not fully satisfied. Now you can have complete control over your online marketing, increase your online profits and improve your client operations director capabilities.


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