Ideas On How To Find The Perfect Engagement Ring For You

The process of getting married is an exciting time, but sometimes also stressful! As grooms (and jewellers) who have gone through the process of organizing a wedding and even harder: finding the right engagement ring, we thought the least we could do is share our experience.


Perfect Engagement Rings are the best gift that you can give to your fiance. An Engagement day is a very special day or time that reminded you of your wonderful memories and the time which you had spent together. A Diamond Engagement Ring is the sign of your love and care.


Numerous questions come to mind whilst researching the perfect engagement ring. How much should you spend? Where should you buy it? What kind of ring should you buy? What diamond should you buy? 


Or should you go for an alternative stone? With the plethora of options in front of you, we’ll try helping you to make the process simpler and more familiar to you.

Set The Budget 

If you are searching for a perfect Diamond Engagement Ring, firstly filter the Minimum and Maximum Price Range as per your budget that you can afford. Because she will wear the diamond ring on her hand, every day, so the ring’s life should be longer. these all factors depend only on your budget.

Choose The Perfect Shape

The second important step is to find a perfect diamond for a ring. Diamonds are available in many shapes like – Round, Pear, Marquise, Cushion, Princess, Oval, Emerald, Asscher, Baguette, Heart Diamond, etc. 


Each Diamond Shape has unique characteristics and, different prices per carat. The Round Shape Diamond is very famous and expensive compared to other diamond shapes. When you choose the less expensive Diamond compared to Round then you can get the more carat at a better price.

The Stone

The first decision to make when looking for the engagement ring is the centre stone or what jewellers call “the solitaire”. The most popular option is a diamond, however, alternatives do exist. Some of these alternatives are morganites and sapphires, however, we will take them up another time. For more info on alternative stones, read here.

Style And Setting

Choosing your engagement ring design is probably the most important step after choosing your centre stone. The design of the ring should speak out who you are, as you or your partner will wear the ring almost every day if not daily. However, while choosing the engagement ring design keep a few points in mind:


  • Trends will change, resetting an engagement isn’t as easy
  • Treat your engagement ring like you would treat your house. You will see it daily and it’s important to not get tired of it
  • Certain styles suit certain diamond shapes and cut better. Make sure your style matches your shape.
  • Make sure your style and setting complement each other. Some styles look better in certain colours.
  • Make sure your style suits your lifestyle: Engagement rings are worn often, make sure your design and setting is secure and doesn’t come in the way of what you are doing. Here the material, height and setting security will play a major role.
  • Not sure what style you want, we can help you get to your decision, set up a custom appointment with us.


Once you have chosen the style and the setting, the next step is the material. Each material has its nuance. The material you choose will determine colour, the security of the diamond and the wear and tear of your ring. 


When it comes to white, we always suggest platinum, as it lasts longer and always looks white. However, there are many more details to consider. For a more profound outlook please refer to our material guide.

Set The 4C’s

When you going to purchase a Diamond Ring, then you should have complete knowledge about the Diamond 4c’s that are: Color, Clarity, Carat, and Cut. Without this knowledge, you can’t purchase a Perfect Engagement and Wedding Ring.


  • Clarity is the first factor of Diamond which is based on Diamond grading. Most Diamonds have tiny blemishes which are also called inclusions. A diamond which has fewer inclusions, it means this Diamond clarity is Better or Very Good. VSI or VS2 grading diamonds are perfect for the ring.


  • The Cut is the second 4Cs of Diamond. The Round, Pear, Marquise are not a Cut of the diamond, these all are the shape. The Cut refers to how well the diamond is crafted from its rough state. With the help of Cut, you can make your diamond more visually appealing. The excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor cut grades are used in Diamond.


  • The Carat is Measurement unit of Diamond Weight. Choose the Diamond Weight and you can optimize your budget.


  • The Color quality is coming from Range D (Colorless) to Z (Strong Yellow Tint). Choosing between a stone that has a G to I Color Grading.



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