Cushioned Air and Stem Cells Review

confetti cannon

For a very unique party decoration, why not use a confetti cannon? These fun party decorations come in a number of sizes and shapes. They are the perfect size for tossing in a basket and they make a spectacular centerpiece when they explode. They look like real confetti when they are blown up.

Rules Not To Follow About Confetti Cannon

The Cushioned Air powered Confetti Cannon is powered by compressed nitrogen. This creates the best looking, colorful and loud confetti. This is just the same as the popular compressed nitrogen gas used to deflate bicycle tires. It’s a naturally occurring compound with a number of uses.

You can use the Cushioned Air confetti cannon with the Streamers or Dry Ice Streamers. The dry ice versions are also fun because they create a mini dance floor as the air blows through the plastic streamers. The combination of the two makes a sensational and impressive display! You will definitely create a lasting impression with these beautiful streamers. You can find different colors and styles online. Look through some pictures of the various Cushioned Air and Streamer models and see how much fun you can have decorating for any occasion. compressed nitrogen | cannon | confetti cannon} The Cushioned Air and Stem Cells products are high tech toys that are very durable and safe for children. However they are not toys and nor play things that you would want to leave out in the open without supervising every time they play with them. Kids can be curious and they may put something in their mouths without even realizing it. So keep an eye on them when playing with these toys and keep an eye on the toys at the same time. The compressed nitrogen in the system can be dangerous if it gets into the eyes if there are a lot of people around.


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