Grass Fed Beef Suppliers

Grass fed beef is becoming more popular among people looking for a healthier alternative to beef. Grass fed beef has always been a healthier choice than the mass produced beef available at your local supermarket, but there are two main factors making grass fed beef much more expensive than regular beef. First of all, it is more difficult to raise grass-fed beef, meaning that the beef you get from these cattle has a higher fat content than the beef sold in supermarkets. This is because grass-fed cattle are generally given more time to mate and give birth to healthy young, which leads to high levels of natural beef flavor and tenderness.

Tips on Finding the Best Suppliers

grass fed beef suppliers

The second reason grass fed beef is more expensive is because it takes longer to finish and deliver the beef to your table. Cattle, even when they are fed properly, take between eight and twelve weeks to reach their full weight, depending on how big they are. During this time the cattle are under considerable stress, and their bodies go into overdrive to provide energy and vitamins required for their growth and pregnancy. This means that you will rarely find the beef you buy in supermarkets weighing the same as the beef in the butcher’s counter because the cattle have already been fed and reared to be fit for human consumption.

You need to find your own grass fed beef suppliers if you want the highest quality beef available. The best way to start looking for grass fed beef suppliers is by word of mouth. Ask your neighbors if they have any bakers or meat suppliers they can recommend. Look in the local phone book under “beef suppliers” and you may find local businesses who specialize in grass-fed beef and who can send you directly.

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