Stapler – A Convenient Tool

A stapler is an ingenious mechanical device which joins several pages of wooden or other material by driving a small metal staples through the folded edges and folding both ends. Stapler is also widely used in offices, business, schools, public places and other government institutions. The stapler has the ability to change the length of the printed matter so that it may be easily read from any distance. Originally, staplers used nails or staples but after the passage of time, steel staples replaced them.

How to find A Convenient Tool

A stapler has three parts: a head for the staples, a case for the head, and a wheel on which the staples are wheeled. In earlier models of staplers, the head and case were made of steel, and the wheel was either made of iron or of plastic. In recent times, various kinds of plastics have been developed to replace metals in stapler heads and cases. However, plastic wheels may not bear the load that metal wheels can bear. Hence, such plastic wheels may result in poor handling and poor performance of stapler.

Two kinds of staples are used in stapling: the half-inch staples, which are available in sets; and the full-inch staples, which are sold in strips. Both sets of staples are similar but they differ in the way the staples are loaded. Half-inch staples are pushed through the cloth or paper using a force, while full-inch staples are passed through the cloth using a manual force. A stapler is made up of several metal strips, called a hook, that pass through the edges of papers together in succession and latch on to the opposing sides of the stapler head so that a continuous strip of staples are formed.

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