Requirements for Private Detective Work

A private detective, private investigator or investigation agent, is somebody who can be employed by people, groups or NGOs to undertake investigative private law services. Private detectives also work as agents for attorneys in criminal and civil matters. They are expected to have high level of technical ability to gather evidence and present it in court. They need to understand the legal system, as well as follow instructions carefully, to help their clients. The majority of private detectives work independently, but they may sometimes be associated with law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI or CIA, as part of their routine operations.

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Acquiring a formal education to become a private detective requires three essential steps. First, you must complete a bachelor’s degree, which can be done at most community colleges and universities, although some colleges offer online courses. Second, you must successfully complete an associate’s degree from an accredited university or college. Third, you must successfully pass the state certification exam, which is known as the CITP exam. Once you pass the exam, you will be required to take a qualifying exam in order to work as an investigator.

In order to be licensed as an investigator in the state of Texas, you will need to complete the Texas Bureau of Investigation’s (BI) Criminal Justice Examination. For this examination, you will need a high school diploma or the equivalent, and at least two years of college education. Although most private detective agencies require only a high school diploma, there are also some that prefer a bachelor’s degree or at least a certificate from an accredited university or college. Some private detective agencies require additional training after you become licensed, such as special training in criminal justice administration, forensics, private detective law, computer surveillance and more. To obtain employment as a private detective in Texas, you will need to complete the necessary training and pass the licensing exam. Because of the highly specialized nature of this occupation, training and certification are required before an individual can legally begin working as an investigator.


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