Personal Training in Boxing: Things You Should Know

A personal trainer is an individual whose work is to assist people in improving their physical fitness through proper exercise. Training is most commonly supervised by a certified personal trainer, who may instruct or coach individuals or small groups of people.

Some gyms employ personal trainers to work with clients in the gym and offer health and fitness advice. Personal trainers may also be hired privately for one-on-one sessions outside the gym environment.

woman in black tank top wearing black boxing gloves

Other organizations exist that certify athletic trainers based on defined exertional levels or age categories (exertion level) recognized nationally by legislation, e.g., Australia’s Register of Exercise Professionals.

Boxing has many forms but it does not need to be complex when it comes to personal training. When you work with a personal trainer, he or she will create a regimen for you. This customized plan should be tailored to your body type, your daily schedule, your target weight or desired results, and your fitness level. 

There are many different types of boxing training programs including speed training, muscular endurance workouts, stamina training, cardiovascular endurance workouts and power technique classes.   


Before you choose to work out with a personal trainer one thing that you need to know is that their goal would be to help you achieve your goals by having fun at the same time. They may have exercises that are easy to follow along but try not to do it alone if possible since they can help motivate you whenever needed.

You do not always need them besides you though because one thing that they do is guide you along by telling you what to do. They are constantly correcting your form and motivating you until your workouts are complete.

Learning New Things

Personal training with boxing can be an amazing experience due to the learning of new things, trying out different exercises, and getting in shape quickly. It would be great for those who have busy schedules because their trainers will make sure they get the most out of every workout session scheduled for them!

You always want to find a trainer that matches with you since some may be too laid back or too demanding which can cause discomfort or irritability during your sessions.


When working with a personal trainer it’s important to communicate about how you’re feeling each workout session so he can adjust accordingly. Some days will be rougher than others so it’s important to let them know what is going on with your body.

For example, if you have a bad case of the flu then do not come into session because that could harm you more and spread germs due to being overheated from working out hard. Also, if your trainer suggests a change in workout routine it would be good to listen as he or she knows what they are doing!


Personal training sessions with boxing can range anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour depending on how intense the workout is. It’s also best to schedule these around four times a week every other day rather than only once a week for an hour at a time if you want to see results as fast as possible.

If you do not have the time to go to a gym, there is now no need to worry because apps such as ‘My Fit Stop’ can be downloaded onto your phone and it will guide you through workouts that target areas of your body that you designate and it’s great for beginners and those who want a quick workout!


Another thing is that boxing isn’t all about physicality; it’s about the mindset too! It would be important during sessions with your trainer to stay focused on what is being instructed because if your mental game is off then everything else will suffer behind.

You need to remember this saying “focus on what you do” meaning if you’re doing something wrong or even right, remember to focus on that! This will build you up over time and give you confidence in what you are doing.

Qualified Personal Trainer

So before you even sign up for personal training sessions with boxing, make sure the trainers are qualified because if they aren’t then it could waste your time or money depending on how long the sessions last.

There are many benefits to working out with a personal trainer so find one who will help improve your strength, weight loss, endurance, skill development and speed of movement.

This is something that can benefit everyone who wants more out of life and encourages others to be fit too! Remember that nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible first; don’t miss on opportunities in life because of laziness! Always follow through on promises and remember that you’re the only one who can change yourself.

Now it’s time to get in shape by getting a personal trainer with boxing! You will see amazing results after a little while and all your workouts will be fun because of how good it feels to accomplish something new. Always keep a positive mindset going during your sessions and push through whenever necessary!

If you want more information on how great personal training with boxing is, check out boxing Oakleigh. You’ll be happy if you follow these tips and start seeing changes within yourself very soon!


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