What Makes the Japanese Jacket So Unique?

Japanese JacketThe most popular type is the hanten, a traditional jacket that is worn by both men and women. It is a long, narrow jacket made of wadded cotton and covered with decorative motifs. A sub-type of the hanten is the sukajan, a embroidered satin jacket. It has evolved from a wearable souvenir to a letterman jacket to a modern version worn by Kanye West.

There Are Many Different Types of Japanese Jackets

After the war, Japan became an international fashion powerhouse, reviving traditional craft and innovating through vulcanization, sanforization, and fabrication. The country has also been a beacon for influential subcultures, valuing quality over price. In fact, there are a handful of Japanese designs that have become iconic all over the world. These include the Suka Jacket and Hawaiian Shirt. But what makes the Japanese Jacket so unique?

The Japanese Jacket is often made of hand-decorated fabrics. Although silk is the most popular type of fabric, other materials are also used, including cotton, lace, and gauze. The Japanese haori is also available in synthetic fabrics, making cleaning and care easier. Regardless of the material used, the Japanese Jacket embodies the essence of Japanese culture and style. The design of the haori jacket often depends on the way it was traditionally worn.

The hanten was traditionally worn by people who spent more time outdoors, so it’s ideal for colder days. It can even replace your standard winter jacket, giving you extra warmth without sacrificing style. The hanten has a wide variety of uses, and it has evolved into a versatile jacket that can be worn in several different seasons. This style is perfect for cooler days and evenings. In addition to keeping you warm, hanten jackets look great with jeans or a dress.


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