Ultimate Nissan Silvia S15 Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Nissan’s S-Chassis definitely needs no intro here at Drifted, however, due to U.S. import restrictions, we hardly ever cover the famous S15. With its 25-year ban coming to an end in just a couple of years, it’s the perfect time to start saving for this JDM work of art. For more S15 information, check out this recommended site.


We’ve covered several of the worlds most-loved drift cars and trucks in our comprehensive guides, so it’d be disgraceful to leave out among the best of them all– the Nissan Silvia S15

With the S15’s blacktop SR20DET ultimately becoming the last variation to ever leave the factory after initially being produced from 1989 up until the last S15’s left the display room in 2002, this would become the very best and most trusted SR20 ever made.

Those of you that recognize SR20’s will understand that they’re incredible engines for tuning and achieving 400hp out of them far from unusual. Integrate that with potentially being disrobed to under 2,000 lbs and I make sure you’ll agree that produces a quite interesting power-to-weight ratio in a chassis that deals with like it’s on rails.

Nissan Silvia S15

The Nissan Silvia S15 is a sports car produced by Japanese car manufacturer Nissan. The S15 is the successor of the popular Nissan 240sx S13 and S14 designs, however was never offered to the North American market– instead, the SR20 powered cars were only offered in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The S15 Silvia model lineup was initially streamlined to just the Spec-S and Spec-R, both models offering an “Aero” version with a big rear wing and side skirts/valances.

Suspension Establish

Getting your Nissan Silvia S15 suspension dialled in can correspond to you out-handling your competition, and depending on your type of racing, will even offer you much better times. If your car came from the factory with softer suspension, it will nearly always deal badly till the suspension is changed with an efficient setup such as coil-overs.

Coilover Basics

Coilovers assist to establish your Nissan Silvia S15 height and damping, which enables you to decrease your centre of gravity and stiffen up your chassis for much better cornering and control. Not just does your automobile appear sportier (and much better in our viewpoint), however, it’s likewise a key action in permitting you to change your vehicle into a true performance machine, moving your adjustments into tangible wheel horsepower.

Japan saw a new variation of the Silvia: The S15 in 1999, now boasting 250 PS (247 bhp; 184 kW) at 6,400 pm and 275 Nm; 203 lbs ⋅ feet (28 kg ⋅ m) at 4,800 rpm of torque from its SR20DET Inline-four engine, [18] thanks to a ball-bearing turbocharger upgrade, in addition to improved engine management system. The non-turbo SR20DE produced 165 PS (163 bhp; 121 kW). [19]

The S15 Silvia included aggressive styling inside and out, upgrading the previous Silvia styling in line with contemporary vehicle design trends. The body measurements were decreased from the previous generation so that it would adhere to the Japanese Government compact class, which had an effect on sales of the previous design.

The S15 Silvia design lineup was initially streamlined to simplify the Spec-S and Spec-R, both designs offering an “Aero” variation with a big rear wing and side skirts/valances.

This generation of the Silvia was just offered in Japan, Australia and New Zealand but was readily available as a grey import in a lot of other nations. In Australia and New Zealand, the cars and trucks were sold as the Nissan 200SX.

Within the Australian domestic market (AUDM), the S15 offered in 2 trim levels as kept in mind above; Spec-S and Spec-R – however both designs featured the SR20DET motor, albeit a little detuned from the JDM spec automobiles. Nissan S15s were never ever formally offered with the naturally aspirated SR20DE engine in Australia or New Zealand. These two designs were offered at Nissan display rooms up until the Nissan 200SX GT was introduced in 2002, the in 2015 of production for the S15. The main differences here were namely the wheels being ended up in silver shadow chrome, chrome interior door managers, chrome equipment selector surround, “sports” metal pedal set and an updated bigger rear wing.

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