A Look at the Yellow Sac Spider Logo, Creator of the Web Site, Utah

The “Z” which is in the web address of the yellow sac spider utah is a representation of the state of Utah. It is quite telling that this particular web site features a picture of a woman dressed in a sundress with yellow sacs (scales) on her backside while she is standing on top of a small child with her two hands. I guess it goes without saying that anyone who is familiar with the band “Weird Al” or “Screaming Lord Sutch” would recognize this as an image from one of their many videos and other images.

A Look at the Yellow Sac Spider Logo, Creator of the Web Site, Utah

Further south, this same web site features a humorous photo of two men who are obviously the “parents” of the little girl in the yellow dress and website shirt. In addition, one man is brandishing what appears to be a fork while the other man is holding what appears to be a gun. The men are apparently from Utah. A closer look at the photograph reveals that they have something in common; both guys are wearing sunglasses. In fact, the one in the sunglasses is brandishing the fork in the photo while the guy in the gun is brandishing the gun in the photo.

Of course, it is quite obvious that both men are members of the humorous band “Weird Al” and Utah Jazz Fest Organist Steve Martin. Not to mention that Utah is the home of the much beloved rock band Queen! In fact, Queen guitarist Roger Daltrey lives in Utah and likes to vacation in the area. So, you can see how the Yellow Sac Spider has become quite a “mainstream” symbol for Utah.

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