What You Should Know About Australian Wildlife Supplies

Australian Wildlife Supplies started trading in July 2020. Julie Firkins started trading as a hobbyist, but has turned her passion into a company that she hopes will grow to be a thriving enterprise. She started out offering pet products at the same time as her husband was selling his own line of pet supplies. Julie’s daughter was a first timer at the time and she decided to start her own business, using the family’s wealth of experience. The business has since grown significantly.

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australian wildlife supplies

Australian Wildlife Supplies has over ten years of experience in the pet products industry. Julie believes in providing high quality products, while maintaining the highest standards of environmental responsibility. This means that every product is tested and certified. They also do not use any animal or bird products, such as wool, that could cause serious health problems. Julie believes in using all natural ingredients to ensure the products are as good for you as they are for animals.

Australian Wildlife Supplies provides everything from food, toys, clothing and bedding, to pet supplies and even jewelry. There are a few different types of pet products available on their website. A large number of items are available to meet all of your needs, from food, clothing, treats, toys and decorations, to medications and much more. If you are looking for an excellent way to bring your pet’s closer to you, then this is a great way to help make their lives as special as possible. Julie works hard to ensure that all of the products she offers are top of the line and always meets the highest quality standards. She is always willing to answer questions about the products and services she offers.

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